Project Detail
Maharashtra Border Check Post Network Limited, an SPV promoted by a consortium led by SEL, has been awarded the concession by the Government of Maharashtra to construct, operate, maintain and transfer twenty two (22) modernized and computerized integrated Border Check Posts equipped with modern basic amenities on Build, Operate and Transfer basis. Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation Ltd. has been appointed by the Department of Transport, Government of Maharashtra as the Project Implementation Agency for the project. The proposed BCPs will be modernized, computerized and integrated to facilitate road users and to reduce the clearance time. The BCP shall have the combined facilities for clearance/checking of commercial traffic at any of the check posts by the following departments:

Department of Transport, Government of Maharashtra
Department of Sales Tax, Government of Maharashtra
Department of Excise, Government of Maharashtra


Objectives of the project in general
  • To stream line the Transportation activities
  • Co-ordinate & Monitor the various activities related to check post
  • To increase the revenue for the state Government.
  • Increase the efficiency of the department and enforcing the law of the Land
Objectives at any Single Check Post :
  • Electronically capture image of a vehicle and its registration number as displayed on its number plate.
  • Electronically scan the registration and other documents of the vehicle.
  • Electronically screen the contents of the vehicle and carry weighment of the vehicle in a seamless manner.
  • Identify contents that are not permitted entry.
  • State of art electronic payment and accounting facilities.
  • Power back up to be available at all times.
  • Period/type of data storage to be specified by Departments.
Physical Infrastructure Objectives at any single Check Post
  • Warehousing of unloaded goods.
  • Departmental office housing facilities.
  • Accommodation facilities for Management.
  • Rest houses for customers/vehicle owners.
  • Customer amenities.
  • Security arrangements.
Objectives of Networking beyond any single Check Post
  • Information captured at each check post to be centrally available instantly.
  • Relevant information sorted out electronically and transmitted to relevant departments of the state instantly.
  • Power back up to be available at all times.
  • Period/type of data storage to be specified by Department.
Physical Infrastructure Objectives beyond any single Check Post
  • Replicated physical facilities determined by Departments.

Proposed 22 Locations

Major C.P

  • Acchad, (NH-8) Tal. Talasari, Thane, Gujrat Border.
  • Haddakhed (NH-3) Palasner, Tal.Shirpur, Dhule, M.P Border.
  • Navapur (NH-6) Tal.Navapur, Nandurbar, Gujrat Border.

Big C.P.

  • Kagal (NH-4) Tal.Kagal Kolhapur. Karnataka Border
  • Deori (NH-6) TaL Deori Gondia, Chattisgad Border.

Medium C.P.

  • Omerga (NH-9) Tal.Omerga, Osmanabad, Karnatak Border.
  • Mandrup (NH-13) TaL South Solapur. Solapur. Karnatak Border
  • Pimpalkhuti (NII-7) Tal.Pandhar Kawada.Yawatmal A. P. Border.
  • Mancgaon (Tak) (NH-7) Tal.Ramlek, Nagpur M.P. Border.
  • Insuli (NH-17) Tal . Sawantwadi , Sindhudurg, Goa Border
  • Mararwade (NH-9) Tal.Mangalvedha, Solapur, Karnataka Border
  • Savner (NH-69) Tal.Savner, Nagpur M.P. Border.

Small C.P.

  • Pumad (SH-8) Tal.Muklai Nagar, Jalgaon M.P. Border
  • Borgaon (SH- ) Tal.Surgana Nastiik-Surat, Nashik, Gujrat Border.
  • Rajura (SH-264) Tal.Rajura, Chandrapur, AP Border
  • Billoli (SH-225) Tal.Billoli, Nandcd, A. P. Border.
  • Chorwad (SH-4) Tal. Raver, Jalgnon. MP Border
  • Degloor (SH-6) Tal.Deglur, Nanded. AP Border
  • Khapari (SH-6) Tal.Chandur Bazar, Amrawati M.P. Border
  • Akkalkuva (SH-4) Tal.Akkalkuva, Nandurbar, Gujrat Border.
  • Chandgad (SH- ) Chandgad, Kolahapur, Karnatak Border
  • Warud (SH-244) Tal. Warud, Amrawati, MP Border.

Services at Checkpost

  • At Checkpost:
    • Booth
    • Rest House
    • Dead Storage
    • Off shift recreation space
    • Impounded material storage
    • General Store
    • Toilets
    • Canteen
  • Facilities Centre:
    • Dhabas/Eateries
    • Mechanic shops
    • Puncture & Tyre Repair
    • Auto spares
    • General Merchandise
    • Petrol/Diesel Pumps
    • Medical shop/ Dispensary
    • Retiring Dormitories
    • STD/PCO
    • Pan Shop
    • Cassette shop
    • Bank extension counter along with ATM
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